“CHUGUN” Ltd. – Varna produce castings mainly of:

High-alloyed alloys:

Castings, resistant to abrasion, such as cladding panels, partitions and balls for flotation mills, cement, coal and stone powder, hammers and lining plates reflecting rotor crushers, paddles and cladding slabs of agitator drums of asphalt and concrete mixers, subsoilers land and others.

Alloyed cast iron

Abrasion resistant pairs based on steel/cast iron or steel/brake-pad, and brake blocks, pantographs, elements of plain bearings, brake discs and drums, etc.

Structural cast iron and steel

Castings of wheels for cranes, rope pulleys, casing parts, pulleys, etc.

Heat resisting cast iron

Facing plate castings for clinker cooler and partitions; steam generator trays; carriers and others.