CHUGUN Ltd. is the successor of 40 years of development and production activities in the field of materials and structures of the active elements subjected to abrasion in concrete and asphalt mixers (blades and lining), in rotary crushers fraction (hammers, and facing refractory plates) in cement, flotation, coal and stone flour mill (facing plates, partition walls and grinding balls) for slurry pumps, transporting fluids with abrasive (casings, impellers, diffusers and reflectors). We won the National Competition for Applied Science and Technology, organized by the Bulgarian Chamber of Industry.

Our production includes elements subjected to abrasion: gray cast iron/steel or gray cast iron/brake pads. We have a patent for alloyed cast iron with a particularly high resistance to abrasion, which is less pretentious to lubrication in the process of friction.

We can produce heat resistant products of cast iron and high-chromium alloys: facing plates and partitions for clinker coolers, steam generator trays, etc.

Our castings are very precision and suitable for rotary machines which are sensitive to mass misbalance and shape.

We can regulate the residual stresses in castings and deliberately use tension in them. Based on a special technology for casting sand preparation, we are able to produce even the most complicated constructions castings.

We have participated in the construction of all highways in the country, in the maintenance of the national road network for over 40 years, in the repair of Asparouhov’s Bridge – Varna and others.

We can melt up to 700 kg. metal at a time, from which we can produce castings with a mass up to 500 kg. and under special conditions – up to 700 kg. Laboratory control is performed by an accredited laboratory.

Our company has worked with over 330 clients and produced more than 2000 tons of iron base alloys.

The cost of castings depends on the type of alloy, the weight, complexity and quantity.

We started building a new factory for cast iron and steel castings with unfold area 8 000 m2 situated near the main road Varna-Devnya and we are looking for co-finance and also additional programme for filling of the production capacity.